We Are WE[CAN]

The Outsiders’ Monologues is organized by WE[CAN] (Working to Empower: Campus Activism Network) and is a result of the collaboration of many students groups on campus.
We are not a club. We are a network.

WE[CAN] empower.
WE[CAN] partner.
WE[CAN] change.
WE[CAN] collaborate.
Together WE[CAN].

WE[CAN]’s Mission Statement:

WE[CAN] is a grassroots organization founded on a desire to empower students to engage in discourse on controversial topics in order to foster inclusivity, and to celebrate Davidson’s diverse student body.

We envision a campus in which feelings of marginalization, exclusion, and othering among students do not proliferate as extensively as they do today. Our movement hopes to achieve more inclusivity on campus by fostering discourse regarding the marginalization of students in sexual, ethnic, socioeconomic, religious, etc. minorities, and the results of this this phenomenon (e.g. sexual harassment, microaggressions, minority fetishizing, etc.).

We hope to do this by providing a network in which students from different backgrounds and organizations can connect on a more long-standing and inclusive level. It is our belief that fostering solidarity among marginalized students can empower them to create social change within Davidson’s community. We envision ourselves as the glue that trickles into the student body and brings together organizations that otherwise remain disconnected.

Are you part of the Davidson Community? Do you want to help collaborate? Keep up to date (or even join our network) by going to our Moodle page.

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