Monologue #8 (2015)

A Tale of Our Own

I see myself in her eyes

I fit right in her arms

Our hands naturally interlock

Just the way our lips do.

My eyelids block everything and everyone

Her lips, my lips, our tongues are immersed in saliva

I inhale, she exhales.

Inhale, exhale.

The world is silenced around us.

I wonder if that’s because we’re beautiful together or out of shock.

Outsiders see us

I feel their stare as she’s

breathing down my neck

I don’t give a fuck.


But…I’m filled with fright, so I pull away.

Silence and secrecy have been the witness of our love.

No one can suspect what happens behind closed doors, closed blinds

Only the darkness kindly wraps us.

While I focus on her heavy breathing,

As I get warm,

My breathing weighs with pleasure,

Her moan is audible – breaking the silence.

And I rush to cover her sweet moans in fear we’ll be caught.

Oh! I wish I could tell you that our love is invincible!

That it has a fairytale ending.

But it’s not.

Because it’s not a fairytale, it is tangible, authentic, and currently in pursuit.


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