Monologue #14 (2015)

Seems like Ageism is increasing around here. There was a time when age was perceived as being associated with experience and other virtues: now I read teaching evaluations and public discourse of all kinds asserting that it’s challenging for older folks to relate to younger. Longevity in life’s work is not loyalty or institutional wisdom- let alone joy in work- but clogging the workforce. I hear faculty and administrative ¬†stereotypes asserting that if someone challenges a new idea, it’s because they are old and reactionary- rather than engaging with the issues raised in the dialogue. This seems like an insidious ad hominem argument. I get particularly tired of intolerance or ill humor being associated with old white guys. If this keeps up I’m going to, “… go home, eat some fiber, take out my hearing aids, and yell at some kids to stay off my lawn.” [from an indictment of Bob Costas’ disses of snowboarding in Sports Illustrated]


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