Monologue #25

I was reading a story about a black man living in the Jim Crow era who was able to get away with sitting in the “whites only” section of a train because of one dominating factor: he was rich.

So….because you have money, society rewards you with privileged etiquette. So…because more people know you, society rewards you with special benefits.

So…what about the black elderly woman who lived through slavery and through Jim Crow?
And…how about the young white boy who doesn’t understand why his black friend is in the back, but all his parents explain to him is “that’s the way things are.”
Oh, and what about the southern black man who is economically disadvantaged because his only option is sharecropping?

Fast forward these concepts, and compare them to today. Are some people in our society today economically advantaged because of their family history within the past 100 years? Do we privilege those simply because they have more money? Is this world designed and driven by money, or something else? Is the person who is middle-class any better than those that live with the minimum basics?

I don’t think so.
Some may think that this second person is poor…yes, they are poor financially, but are they poor spiritually? This middle-class person is rich, but what are they lacking?
I think our society is burdened by how money has shaped our lives and interactions. I think I can talk to someone of low-class and upper-class, and still learn so much from each. I don’t think that lower-class people are suffering; I think they know how to live simply and with the basics. I think upper-class people have a lot of power to make things happen, but don’t know why they do it sometimes.
There is too separate of a division between classes, but money should not be determinant of our worth.

Try having a personality, it’s worth something.

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