Monologue #20


Bow your head.
Be thankful.
Do what they say
And to heaven,
You pray,
That’s the place to go.
But you don’t know
Where you might land.
In dirt,
Or sand?
On the beaches and fields,
See the power he wields.
Look to him.
You know its all in the hymns that we sing
And what tomorrow might bring.
But what about now,
And what about how?
And that we’re flying through space
At a million billion miles
And a zillion trillion more
Till we reach that front door
On the palace of Jesus
And Buddha
And a priestess
And Krishna
To find that we missed them.
Cause they were there all along,
But we couldn’t get along
With the life that they gave,
And we thought they would save us.
From what?
Maybe ourselves.
To take us off the shelves,
But maybe we never were,
And why would you ever want to be sure?
Cause I sure wouldn’t.
I would just like to live.
And I don’t know what to believe . . .
I know I believe
In the spirit and the trees
And the bright, stinging bees
And how they save the flowers.
Cause they show me what life is:

an Eternity . . .
. . . of Stillness

Imagine lying on the ground without
moving or opening your eyes and
imagine how long it would take you to
starve to death

I’d say it’d be . . . forever.
So we really do have time
To learn, and to grow.
And we won’t ever know.
But that’s not for us,
It’s for them.
And that is why I say amen.

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