Monologue #4


After the beginning was the sand,
A formless being
Separate, yet one.
Not quite the intention
But intended as such, to be
As it were, was, and is.

There was the sea, too,
And although some say it has ebbed
And breathed its last—
It still moves
Convulsing in the force of life
Which animates it, and is it,
In the necessity of its existence.

And when Man took hold of sand
He said,
—This sand is but a million little
Broken pieces.
Let this be a token of remembrance.
And Man broke the sand and poured the sea.

(The righteous spat it out.)


And after this, I arose,
From the dull stupor of intense
Thought–resigned contemplation.

Another place, another place.

See now, the trail picks up
As the rain patters up and down
And into the sea of thought I drown
Before drinking it from my cup.

I have taken communion with the sand and sea.

And perhaps I should honor the Virgin
In meditation, where she will intercede
But these are the thoughts, I am the surgeon
And it’s the germination of another faulty seed.

Another place, another place

Where is the locust shell
Or the rhyme of the cicadas
Or the drum of the wind
In the garden, that I have not seen?

Have we, in our oblivion, forgotten the things
That make us mortal?

Vous êtes aveugles, mais les poussières sous le tapis c’est nous.

Another place, another place.

Mes genoux sont paralysés
L’ignorance, l’ignorance.

And if I come unto thee, Mary,
I ask that the penalty
May not be too strong on my soul
For the burden weighs heavy on me.

And I ask not to be remembered by the stones
(which are not Rocks) that I form.
And because I pray that the material
Will not become my immaterial,
And that I may not be humbled
Like the men who are worse than me.
(I am worse than me.)

Forgive me for my ignorance.

I pray my soul be not too burdened.
I pray my soul be not.
I pray my soul be.


And after the centuries,
There stood the Rock
Made from the sand
Upon which all is built.

Come in under the shadow of the this Rock

And although there are others —
And although the history —
Should we not try to remedy the situation?

Come in under the shadow of this Rock —
It will bring you shade.

And if there is humility —
And if there is the will —
And the intention —
Should I not fall on my knees?
But how do I begin?

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