Monologue #17

If one has ever wondered why people do not mix, it is because we are like oil and water. Water, the majority in this world claim to be progressive and accepting, attempting to prove it with statements such as, “Oh, I’m not __, because I have a __ friend” or “How could you think that about me? I’ve been around ___ people before.” So for a short while, I begin to think that maybe, just maybe, in our current society, that people are growing, and views are changing for the better. Yet, each time, I am quickly brought back to the realization that they are not. I have been in numerous situations where I am in a room full of people who claim to be accepting, but none of them even crack their lips to say hello. So instead, I make the first move, attempting to find recognition and be invited into their conversation, but as I stand there, I gradually see their circle moving closer together until I am once again on the outside not looking in, but at their backs. Not only at Davidson, but in this world, I am, and always will be oil. I realize that no matter what i do, nor what i say will change the stigma around me. The majority is quick to say that we separate ourselves from them, when in reality, it is they who separate themselves from us. Water and oil, they can co-exist, but no matter what each one does to alter its’ identity, they will never mix.


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